how good are psps

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19-04-2005 03:18:05

how good are these psps I don't know anyone that even has one or knows anybody with one. What all does it do?

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19-04-2005 03:38:48

They are pretty slick. Sony has definently put out more than a gaming handheld. It can also be used to playback video, mp3s, and show of any pics you take with your camera. They also play movies a new format. Kind of like mini DVDs. Sony has dubbed this new format a UMD (Universal Media Disc). Then you have all the hacks that people are figuring out.

It is a great lil gadget with a big price tag!


19-04-2005 10:00:49

Official features

Wifi- for updates and multiplayer
movie playback-off UMD and mem sticks
music playback-right now off mem sticks but sony is pushing for music on the UMD as well
picture playback-only mem sticks
4.3" LCD screen-just looks beautiful
play REALLY good handheld versions of PS2 games

future/possible/unofficial features
Emulators-SNES,NES,Genesis etc on the go
Web browsers
email client
PDA functionality
Universal remote(it's true look it up)

Yeah, it's a neat gadget, and kicks the shit out of any ipod out there, i shgould know I have an ipod and iriver H320


19-04-2005 10:30:43

In my honest opinion, it is even well worth the $250 investment. Compared to anything else on the market, the screen quality, game play, and wirless capabilities blows them all out of the water.

I just wish there was an internal hard drive to address the movie storage, mp3s, games, etc. I am never a fan of new proprietary technologies --- especially from Sony. New technology means $$$ out of our pockets for things we may have already paid for once (i.e. UMD movies).

Get a Free PSP, buy a 1 GB stick and rent games from your local blockbuster or Gamefly for the first month or two. You will be amazed and won't have to shell out hundreds of $$$'s on games that aren't as great as they "seemed" to be.


19-04-2005 10:52:02

the psp is an amazing machine!


19-04-2005 15:07:23

The Best video game console (PORTABLE) at this moment.


21-04-2005 02:10:37

check it out for yourself http//

its really awesome


21-04-2005 02:26:54

yep its really cool!!


21-04-2005 21:04:26

Its like the coolest thing in the world!


23-04-2005 20:53:12

[quotec8aeb721a0="theclownoftightness"]Its like the coolest thing in the world![/quotec8aeb721a0]

i don't know about that... but they're pretty cool. NFSU is addicting like crazy. just wish they had more titles out... like a FF or something.


23-04-2005 21:29:11

Yeah, I'll be glad to see the Splinter Cell release in July. I definitely agree that they need to release more titles SOON.


24-04-2005 18:19:02

so how many movies/games can you save on a 1 gig memory stick?


24-04-2005 19:39:43

All depends on the bitrates that you encode at. Good quality encodes a movie to about 300-400 MB. You can get them down to as low as 200-250 without much noticable degradation.

That's one of the good things about a small-size screen (comparatively speaking of course).

In my case 2-3 movies per 1 GB stick. But I could sqeeze on 4-5 if I "really" needed it.


24-04-2005 20:00:34

I've got TONS of TV on my stick. I fit 3 episodes of "The Office", 4 episodes of "Family Guy", a short "SNL" skit, 3 episodes of "The Daily Show" and some other stuff in under 512MB. I'm encoding a movie now.