Question about multiple yellows from the same user

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18-04-2005 20:35:42

When I originally signed up for (way back last summer, I think), I did not know all the rules and I asked my coworker to sign up under me - which he did, multiple times (he's responsible for 4 yellows and 1 grey on my account). At that time, I had 2 greens.

About a month ago, I decided to go for it again and I just managed to get my 5th green today. As far as I know, my coworker has abandoned all of the accounts he created and has not created any new ones on

My worry is that they're going to see all those signups from him and put me on hold. I'm sure it won't help that he signed up from work, where he and I share an IP.

I should make a note though, that I've been extremely careful not to login from anywhere but home since I've taken this account up again. Another thing to note is that none of my greens come from my coworker.

Based on all of that info, do my chances look good or should I get to work on Zens4free post haste?


19-04-2005 20:17:19

30 views and NO ONE has an answer to this?


21-04-2005 21:17:34

Still nothing?

I thought you guys knew everything... (


21-04-2005 21:59:58

My opinion, according to a various amount of threads is "Cross your fingers" some people are still fighting to get off of hold, and not being approved for multiple accounts. Logging in to the same account through different IP's shouldnt present a problem at all. Most people said they went through some trouble when they signed up two accounts under the same IP, but Gratis may let it slide after a year. Although even so, its still a violation of their TOS policy. If your co-worker signed up as one of your refferals, then what he does with his referrals doesnt necessarily reflect onto your account. As long as your 5 refferals are from (1) unique ips (2) unique people (including last name. people have run into trouble with this (3) seperate mailing address (4) seperate emailing address. Even if you share a phone number with someone, I would see it presenting a problem, since truthfully, you are linked with someone in some way, and arent a completely "seperate" person, which is what Gratis wants. You should be okay, post back on your progress. I hope I helped some ?


21-04-2005 22:02:24

If you've gotten all your greens, just submit for approval and see what happens. The worst that could happen to you is getting put on hold. If that happens, just go to another network and try again.


21-04-2005 23:07:00

ya try to submit for approval....good luck tho


21-04-2005 23:22:23

I wouldn't worry about it.


22-04-2005 17:20:23

good luck