I made two accounts (Read!)

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18-04-2005 16:09:11

Guess what!
I made two accounts and I still got approved.
I got approved, TODAY! I'm so flicking happy, I just checked my account.
And I clicked"redeem" prize. I was'nt placed on hold or anything.
I made an account in early 2004, and left it alone b/c I thought it was a scam. Then I made another account earlier this yr, I requested approval on the first of april, and I am approved, Today. I'm the luckiest chick in the world. Did any1 else get approved today? D


18-04-2005 16:10:53

You can still be put on hold, so you're not out of trouble yet, if I were you I'd keep that information a little quieter.


18-04-2005 16:17:50

[quotef905a1a14f="hyperboarder"]You can still be put on hold, so you're not out of trouble yet, if I were you I'd keep that information a little quieter.[/quotef905a1a14f]

Not necessarily. As long as she didn't log into or use her other account that she made in 2004 she should be fine no matter what. Gratis probably realized she had 2 accounts.


18-04-2005 16:29:45

Well I requested the same day as you(April 1st) and am waiting still....


19-04-2005 13:51:50

wow well i made another account eons ago and gratis told me to bend over backwards lol Lucky duck ;-)


19-04-2005 15:50:19

yeah I signed up for freeipods a long time ago and forgot all about it. Then after i learned more about how it all works i signed up again with a different email so i wouldnt get as much spam in my main email account. I realized my mistake and contacted gratis right away and here is what they said...

As long as the accidental account remains inactive and is not accessed again, you should be fine.

I am currently waiting to be approved right now so i hope i dont get put on hold. Its really good to hear that somebody in the same situation got approved already. Hopefully i'll be as fortunate as you were!


20-04-2005 04:50:03

I'm glad to hear that because I think I did the same thing. I had contacted Gratis but their answer wasn't very helpful but I never even used the old account so I guess I won't have any problems!


20-04-2005 05:35:31

My fiance and I both got a shuffle....

Sometimes you're the bug, sometimes you're the windshield -D


20-04-2005 14:00:50

Haha, very well put stavros.