Bunch of approvals 4/18/05 Who all got it?

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18-04-2005 14:13:23

It looks like a bunch of people who have been waiting a long time got approved today.... includign me D

i had 10 greens from VERY random people.. and they all somehow got approved... twisted anyway hows everyone else doing?


18-04-2005 15:02:51

I got approved today as well. I submitted for approval on Friday afternoon last week. So, about 1 buisness day!


18-04-2005 15:30:57

I was approved as well. Has anybody been processing before today and was anybody denied???


18-04-2005 22:32:29

I was approved today after two weeks.


20-04-2005 14:42:01

and i've gone STV today D ... looks like gratis has gotten on the ball...