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18-04-2005 11:50:13

-mod edit- i WAS going to delete all this...but then I thought you all should get to laff too. This guy is now a member of the bant club. ROCK ON! -mod edit- [/colorf19d8845e8]

Hey all,

Yes, I have myself signed up, through the Gratis Network, very true
network.. You all are pretty convinced though, so I probably don't
have to send you the proof. But I kinda need some help here getting my
5, actually I only need like three more, but here's the plan. You
help me, I'll do the same for you.

So, also, free love to anyone who signs up. Peeps (sorry, I don't
know what colloquial expression to use), all you have to do is sign up
with a fake email account (preferably yahoo or gmail, I hear hotmail's
unkeen on this sensation) and setup a promotion, then cancel it at the
end of the trial period (being that returning it in the mail or
actually cancelling on line. That f'ing simple, and let's call this
reciprocal benefit. You help me out, I'll help you. Promise. The way
I see it, if we got a group of like 10 - 20 people doing this we could
be getting all kinds of free stuff and could sell it etc, only if we
help each other. And the only hangup could be credit card #'s, that
is the only which I foresee, so let's try it out, I believe it won't
be so.

In a bona fide agreement, one usually lays something out on the line,
but in my case, I'll just send my email
which is fake--only in the sense that I'm only using it for my ipod,
after that I'll disregard it--but for a poignant purpose.

So, in the words of a man wiser than I,

"I'm Rick James, Bit(ch" -- Rick James, I believe.

What's good for you, is good me everyone, and uhhh, hmmphh, me too.


18-04-2005 11:52:14

Hmmm, your a retard.


18-04-2005 11:56:28

this was fucking disgusting, i wanted to throw up.


18-04-2005 12:03:13

Hmm, well, not sure who's retarded... nice usage of "your"... silly head. That's right, Matt8789, I dissed ya, so, you think my idea is good? I guess you don't understand it, given your use economical use of grammatically incorrect statements.


18-04-2005 12:04:50

He means your must be retarded because you put your referral link in your post. You will probably get banned for that.


18-04-2005 12:09:44

ha what a n00b he is so bant


18-04-2005 12:09:47

" this probably my last posting"

I knew what I was up against... anyways, what is the quickest method to do it then? I'm seriously impatient, I've only been doing it for a day and have 2 referrals, and that's it. I'm willing to join another type of "free"whatever, just give me the heads up.

I guess my lack of an is in the aforementioned statement doesn't make me look too smart either, so sorry Matt8789, I guess I'm less than intelligent, but hopefully more than a "retard."


18-04-2005 12:23:14

I smell a deodorant coming whatever you say now, and your thread is still not edited. You must be an idiot for thinking that someone will follow your ref link here. ha ha he he ha


18-04-2005 12:24:39

If only I had Admin rights in this forum...


18-04-2005 12:34:28

So let me see, you want to trade referrals....

Then you come here and suggest it like it wasn't something that we DO EVERY DAY!


18-04-2005 12:34:40

Ask your family, thats the quickest way.


18-04-2005 12:40:07

Maybe we can establish a set of rules for recognizing who can be trusted and who are good traders.

We could call it the good traders list. Genius!


18-04-2005 12:41:21



18-04-2005 12:43:41

Maybe we could put little numbers by our names denoting our record for easy reference!!!

It's Gold!


18-04-2005 12:47:15

I think he should just set up a bunch of fake e-mail addresses and do all of his referrals for himself from the same computer using the same credit card and billing address. That should work pretty good.


18-04-2005 12:51:10



18-04-2005 12:53:14

[quotef1b45b813e="ougijoe"]If only I had Admin rights in this forum...[/quotef1b45b813e]

I do! D twisted twisted twisted


18-04-2005 13:00:29

I hate you.


18-04-2005 13:09:00

I have even better Admin privledges P


18-04-2005 13:12:43

Can you people see the deodart...cause i cant i think the pic isnt working it may be just my comp


18-04-2005 13:12:44

One of these days I will hope to posess the power of the red ipod!! twisted

trembles with greed


18-04-2005 13:14:51

lol was this guy really that dumb???? LOL


18-04-2005 13:17:49

Stroid, how about hookin up s'more privileges? ;)


18-04-2005 13:35:44

What an @$$hole.


18-04-2005 13:49:20

[quoted58c465763="Stroid"]Can you people see the deodart...cause i cant i think the pic isnt working it may be just my comp[/quoted58c465763]

no pic...just red x


18-04-2005 13:50:20

damnit i dont understand why the pic i have is good twisted argghhh


18-04-2005 13:57:22

No deo... bleh


18-04-2005 14:17:01

damn...this thread got a lot of replys and view within hours LOL