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18-04-2005 10:15:10

Has anyone actually received an IPOD yet? I got my DHL shipping info saying that it would arrive today, but that being said, there's NO other info. There's no leave date, no tracking information, nothing - just the typical two tracking numbers, "Est. Delivery Date 4/18/05", and description on both that says "20IP".

I'm a little suspicious as to whether these have actually gone out or not - I dont know DHL, but it's almost as if a bunch of labels have been printed out through an online account, but not actually picked up by DHL to be delivered. I sent an email to that Efulfillment company, but no word of course.

So has anyone actually received and IPOD yet from the latest wave of DHL shipments? Mine said it would arrive today, and unfortunately, I'm not at work to check. But somehow I doubt it has...


18-04-2005 10:21:04

I haven't, but my tracking does say "delivery attempted" (or something like that.)


18-04-2005 10:22:05

I haven't, but my tracking does say "delivery attempted" (or something like that.)


18-04-2005 11:00:31

yep i got mine a couple hours ago


18-04-2005 12:00:26

congrats to all! wink

and to all who havent gotten theirs yet, CHILL OUT P i worried so much, i checked and DHL like every 5 minutes(not joking) and i should have listened to other people when they said to just forget about the site, and that it WILL come.


18-04-2005 12:25:00

Mine was delivered, but I'm at work ;)


18-04-2005 12:33:40

Mine is supposed to come tommorow. And the thing is, its not being shipped to my house, its being shipped to a relatives.


18-04-2005 15:10:07

i guess i dont get it tho, shouldnt at least DHL update with info before it's shipped? and why the two tracking numbers?


18-04-2005 15:28:00

Yeah, I'm still perplexed.