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17-04-2005 18:53:34

Alright, tomorrow, I'm going to an Apple Store in New Jersey (I live in CT, but I'm going to NJ anyway) to see if I can perform my return. I called and they have one "SUPERMINI" in stock, which includes the DVD Burning Superdrive, Bluetooth, and 802.11g (Airport). It costs $875. I'm hoping to return the Mac Mini from Gratis worth $600. I'll post my results here!


17-04-2005 19:35:48!


17-04-2005 19:41:16



17-04-2005 21:21:41

gl, pod... keep us posted on what happens.


18-04-2005 09:05:34

Leaving as we speak, also trading the 30GB iPod photo from TheFreeProject for a 60GB, that I know I can return since it was purcahsed from


18-04-2005 20:06:50

DONE!!!! It worked, just say it was a gift. The iPod didn't work though, the bastard engraved it.


18-04-2005 20:20:17

beautiful - so it was $275 more? And you can now get the Tiger upgrade for $10?


18-04-2005 21:34:54

Yes sir MapStuart. The upgrade cost me $275, my total ended up being $365 or something because I bought a year of .Mac.url==http://=http:///url I heard it was supposed to be good, so whatever. And yes, I get the Tiger upgrade. Basically, I got the Wireless AND .Macurl==http://=http:///url for nothing (since I was going to upgrade to Tiger anyway).


18-04-2005 21:37:09

Well done Podtopia. Thanks for being the guinea pig and checking into it for the rest of us. Now to see what my local Apple Store has in stock...


19-04-2005 19:19:02

What store in Jersey? I live in NY...If and when I get my minimac, I'd like to trade it in, and I'm hoping the Manhattan store will let me do it. I was able to trade my FIP for a photo, so I'm thinking I should be OK.


19-04-2005 19:58:26

The Tice's Corner Store in WoodCliff Lake. I got their last SuperMini.


28-04-2005 10:10:11

PodTopia, I just called the Apple Store and tried to work out a possible exchange/upgrade. They were very nice, but indicated they'd NEED to have a receipt for the purchase. I'd claimed it was a gift and he still insisted on the receipt saying that I should be able to get them to fax me a receipt or something.

Advice? I think I'm going to try it anyway. Say I couldn't get a hold of them today and was hoping maybe I could purchase an upgrade on it and get Tiger thrown in...


28-04-2005 10:32:29

meh, i hope i can exchange mine... i'm saving up for a powerbook this summer


28-04-2005 12:33:38

MapStuart, just try it. I didn't even call.


28-04-2005 12:54:11

Try the apple store in SoHo, or Roosevelt Field Mall.


28-04-2005 14:49:19

[quotee49c3e339c="bsi4063"]Try the apple store in SoHo, or Roosevelt Field Mall.[/quotee49c3e339c]

does the roosevelt field one work for sure?
i live near that one =D


28-04-2005 20:50:33

Had a great experience at the Aspen Grove (Denver) Colorado store. Didn't worry about being told I needed a receipt over the phone. Just walked in with the Mini in the box. Told the guy it was a gift and was bought like 2 days before Tiger. He took a look at the serial number to make sure it was a stock mini then said no problem - he'd just do a return/rebuy. I didn't need to, but wanted the wireless/bluetooth upgrade and so purchased it and they installed it within an hour.

I now have a wireless mini (don't need the superdrive) with a nice legit receipt from Apple so any warranty issues should be a piece of cake (should they arise).


29-04-2005 07:14:24

congrats, map..

If I would have had an Apple store here in Salt Lake, I would have done the same thing you and PodTopia did.


02-05-2005 11:16:39

I brought mine in seal as well. I told them it was a gift after waitiing in line for over an hour to get to the counter. They said they couldn't do it, and dismissed me inside of 30 seconds. Rather frustrating.