ipod shuffle: Gratis or OC?

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16-04-2005 14:29:38

I completed offers for both FreeiPodShuffles and ipodshuffles4free in trades, and now I want to start getting referrals on one of them. Any idea which ones ships out your shuffle faster?


16-04-2005 14:45:16

OC get the money and buy one


16-04-2005 15:31:45

wtf, OC shuffle is 512MB, and Gratis is 1GB. Gratis of course (I got my gratis one, and OC is lagging on processing)!


16-04-2005 15:34:28

gratis since the OC one is only 512mb, and the gratis one is 1gb ($50 difference) and same ammount of refs


16-04-2005 19:41:35

my gratis one came pretty quickly


16-04-2005 20:00:23

My gratis one came very quickly, but I hate how gratis does offer completions. The only reason why I did gratis is that they were giving the gig for three referrals. Check RateTheOffers.com before doing any of their offers! I have been burned by two of them. Appera and Hydroderm both charged and did not give me credit. Credits can also come very slow on gratis. I had way over how many I needed for flatscreens before I had enough people that did offers that went through.


17-04-2005 22:49:38

gratis in terms of storage capacity....got approved and STV really quick