Longest amt of time for an "instant credit" offer?

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16-04-2005 12:28:00

Someone told me they signed up with my referral link and completed the book offer, which gives instant credit. It's been about 24 hours (maybe slightly less) and she still hasn't gone green. I know some take a few hours to give credit, but how long should I expect to wait?

Do referrals go green during the weekends? How long before I should start to worry?


16-04-2005 14:36:10

For FreeDigitalCameras, I did the FreeBidding offer and it took about 48 hours to go green. Hardly instant (


16-04-2005 16:00:38

I did Aperra whitening on freegamingsystems on Wednesday the 13th, as of Saturday the 16th, I'm still waiting.


16-04-2005 17:25:34

Ive had anywhere from instant to about 3 days. If its any longer than that i always get suspicious


16-04-2005 18:59:55

So what do you do when you're suspicious? I emailed appera to confirm they had my order. They said they did, and yet my card hasn't been charged yet. With gratis, you have to wait 15 days to even start a support ticket. Hopefully it wll work itself out before then.


18-04-2005 17:09:26

Hydroderm says instant. A few (4-5) days later it still hasnt credited. SWEET!