When I get my Ipod

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15-04-2005 18:16:55

After I get approved and I get my Ipod, I am...
NEVER, EVER doing these free offer sites AGAIN. x
I'm sry but it takes too much time and patience.
I dont know how any of you guys can deal with this waiting.
I've been waiting since the first of April to be approved.
And since then I've actually gotten another green. So now I have 6 greens. Goodness, I cannot wait till I get my Ipod..and I'm never coming back to these "free" sites again...well unless it is something I desperately want. Goodluck to all of you. lol


15-04-2005 20:00:43

I said that same thing until I got my 20GB iPod jacked lol. So now I've come back to do freephotoipods.


15-04-2005 20:35:40

yeah, i wanted to quite too, then i see possible trades on the traders forum and i jump right back in...dang


15-04-2005 20:37:10

LOL, just said that after everything was approved. Then I signed up for The4FreeZone, lol, and I'm done. Maybe I'll finally be done.


15-04-2005 21:18:42

Lol, my 20 gb got jacked in my school!


15-04-2005 23:27:11

[quotebf1179b728="Fusionballa"]Lol, my 20 gb got jacked in my school![/quotebf1179b728]

Thats why you take caution with electronics at school, never leave them out. When will people learn ?


16-04-2005 06:38:08

I'm just selling mine for money anyways so it doesn't matter if it comes this month or next month really. I would have just bought one if I really wanted one.. but hey, it's an extra $250+ in my back pocket.


16-04-2005 06:40:48

lol i am addicted because the idea "1 ipod off ipod.com, "300" or 1 for free, thats how i think about it!


16-04-2005 10:39:00

I said I'd quit too, lol, yeah right. iPod should be here monday, and I should be finished with freenotebookpc soon. Then MAYBE I'll quit. lol


16-04-2005 12:46:27

Once im waiting for approval, i just totally forget about the site. And get excited when it comes some odd days later.