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15-04-2005 12:11:51

I've been waiting for approval for 2 full weeks now. Anyone else stuck in waiting for approval mode? I asked them since it was more than 5 days and they told me

4/12/2005 53101 PM
customer service wrote
We apologize for the delay. We have a lot of accounts to review and ask for your continued patience. We are working quickly to get to your account.

When i think of quickly, usually that is a couple days not a month...this waiting stinks. I hope there are others out there in the same boat. Not because you are waiting, but just so that i know i am not the only one stuck in waiting for approval mode


15-04-2005 12:13:47

I am, I requested on 4/1. But my Mac i requested on 3/29 and gamingsystems whcih i did yesterday both went through today.


15-04-2005 12:26:29

I have only been waiting for approval since the 10th, but I have a feeling it is gonna be awhile because of all of you who have been waiting much longer...

that makes me a sad panda...



15-04-2005 12:42:59

Or they do 2-3 weeks worth in one batch


15-04-2005 13:10:17

Yeah, I've been waiting since the 1st...


15-04-2005 14:10:19

Been waiting since the 6th, already spent a month on hold...This is taking forever!


15-04-2005 14:24:34

yeah i am i requested approval last saturday...

and seeing all these posts it looks to me as if i am going to have to wait a long time until i get approved


15-04-2005 17:40:09

I've been waiting since the frick'n 1st of April, uggghhh. I'm so pissed.


16-04-2005 10:00:03

They are dragging it out a bit. I should have been approved a long time ago. First they put one of my referrals on hold for no reason. They realized their mistake and then fixed it, but now its been a while and I'm waiting to get approved a 2nd time.

My thought in my case was they already went through all 5 of my refferals once, why am I waiting yet again? IMHO as soon as they fixed their error I should have been approved instantly since the only refferal "in question" was resolved.

At this point they are either stalling for time because they don't have money/ipods or they are planning on putting referrals on Hold and just want to drag it out. I hope nobody has the same problem like I did where you wait weeks only to have someone put on Hold. The longer the wait the more likely that seems. I swear I If they go out of business or another one of my refferals gets put on Hold I'm gonna be so bummed.


16-04-2005 11:16:25

I think they're just doing larger batchs now so when they order they can get a larger discount, So since i know is slower then their other sites it is because they are waiting for more people to apply for approval so they can be approved in one HUGE batch and ordered in one HUGE batch


16-04-2005 15:43:57

been waiting since the 1st too.....i was hoping to have an Ipod by the 1st week of may for a road trip....looks like thats not gonna happen (

and there were people getting their shuffle accounts approved in a matter of hours....

i'm hatin gratis now....


16-04-2005 15:52:41

yup, i'm thinking that ipods is slower then shuffles so they get their chunks of orders faster then other sites


17-04-2005 02:03:23

ya the shuffles is quick to be approved since it only requires 3...My GFs account was submitted for approval on 04/15 hopefully it gets approved with the rest of you guys.... GOOD LUCK


17-04-2005 21:29:11

I am also waiting for approval now. It hasnt even been 5 business days for me though so I'll wait til then before I start complaining. Just based on my experiences so far with freepsps and freegamingsystems i am preparing for a loooong wait on freeipods too


18-04-2005 16:59:00

My Boyfriend just got approved for his. He had been waiting since the 31st!


19-04-2005 07:50:41

I've been waiting since the 13th. However it is my 3rd time requesting approval. They keep putting the same referral on hold and then taking them right off. Every time it's come back as denied it happens on a Tuesday. So today I hope to hear something.


19-04-2005 09:12:09

[quotec90a92cfa1]RealtorKen, I apologize for the delay, however due to the recent influx of approval requests and the care with which we approve them, it is taking longer than usual to process the approval requests. Due to the exceptional potential for fraud in our line of work, we have to be very careful in approving accounts and sometimes it takes a while. We are working on approving your account as we speak. We thank you for your continued patience in this matter.