What to do with extra referrals...

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14-04-2005 17:05:59

Hey I have a referral that signed up from the same school network as me so I'm afraid hes going to get put on hold. If I get 6 greens, can I choose to submit my other 5 referrals other than him so gratis can process those? Please help me out! Also, if he gets put on hold, would I get on hold too?


14-04-2005 17:07:18

Theres a chance you could both be put on hold. Don't sign up on shared networks.


14-04-2005 17:24:55

theres a high possibility that you could be put on hold - however i think you might be able to get off the hook if you explain it to gratis- someone did this to me and i ended up having to get the extra refferal so i would just in case -