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14-04-2005 05:52:47

Dear Tim

Thank you for your recent order. Unfortunately, we cannot process this
order for the following reason

Invalid Last Name

If you would like additional information, please send an e-mail to info@.

Thank you.

Customer Service


re Order #lililili

whats this supposed to mean???? WHAT SHOULD I DO!?!?

artful abortions

14-04-2005 05:54:48

i got that email aswell. nooooooo idea.


14-04-2005 06:04:44

k phew at least i know im probley not the only one ( i really hope we get them


14-04-2005 15:33:20

>Due to the high volume of customer inquiries, we cannot provide each person with a time frame of when they will each receive their order.

We ask that you be patient during the order fulfillment process as it is not an "instantaneous" process. Orders are grouped together in the time period that they are initially placed by the customer and then sent to the product's vendor for the orders to be fulfilled.

Once your order is placed with the product vendor it is processed and then shipped to you.

When your order ships you will be notified and will receive tracking information (tracking number not applicable to freehandbags.com) to follow your order's shipment. Please be patient and your account will be updated when your order ships.
Again, we cannot provide individual order updates; your account will update itself as soon as any change to your order status occurs

this is what they replied to me . . . looks like an automated response - should i ask them again why i recieved an email saying this?


14-04-2005 15:59:10

WOW, that sucks. CAnned response (the second one). Reply and wait for a real one.

artful abortions

14-04-2005 16:35:28

i'm not sure that email came from freeipods.com, i greened for my own offer 3 weeks ago, and haven't touched it since. so i highly doubt that it was regarding that. who did your email come from? mine was blank and none of the links had targets. weird shit.


15-04-2005 10:20:09

Invalid last name? WTF?