Question about receiving your Ipod

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14-04-2005 04:36:27

When DHL goes out to deliver your Ipod, if u aren't home will they have to ship it the next day? Because no one is at my house until 330.. so I really dont know how I'll get mine. Can they leave it by the mailbox by the house or something? Will I have to leave a note, or can they like leave it at the post office?


14-04-2005 06:06:10

do you live in a rural area? cause i do and they just automatically drop off the package if no one is home


14-04-2005 06:20:22

Most free iPod shipments from Gratis have been "signature required." Sometimes they ignore that (at least UPS and FedEx do around here) and leave it anyway. But if not they should leave a notice on your door that you can sign and leave out for them the next day, then that will serve as the signature and they'll leave it. Or you can call them and arrange to pick it up from the local DHL depot if you have one.