Will my account be put on hold?

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13-04-2005 17:57:17


I had a quick question and was just wondering if someone could give me some insight/feedback.

I am a member of freePSPs.com, I have all the necessary referrals, and I have completed an offer myself. However, here is the problem. When I did my offer, it gave me credit instantly. So, foolishly, I canceled right away (the same day I signed up). My question is, will this action alert Gratis to me not being "legitmately interested in an offer" and cause my account to be put on hold. I submitted it for approval two days ago.

Thank you.


13-04-2005 18:09:21

We shall see.....


13-04-2005 19:23:19

Put on hold, I don't think so, but your own credit may not pass the approval process.