photoipods... can you get $450 credit @ the apple store?

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13-04-2005 13:45:36

well i should be getting my free phtoipod soon.... very soon.... and what i'm wondering is if anyone has returned theirs to the apple store for credit, my idea here is to get the $450 credit that it costs, use my student discount, rebuy it... and have like 50 bucks left over for accessories or w/e.... or maybe apply it toward something bigger ) .... so has anyone done this? if so did u have to do anything "tricky"? twisted wink


14-04-2005 15:03:32

so am i hte only one who's ever thought about doing this??? ?


14-04-2005 15:14:04

no you are not the first one to think of that. The problem you might have is at some apple stores they can check the serial number and see where the ipod came from and if its not from their store they wont give you credit or a refund. so you might have a problem.


17-04-2005 18:51:28

hm well do you know where these are currently shipping from? i know when i did freeipods, i got in on the frist batch they stopped using eCost for.... and it was part of a drop shipment from China... i believe directly from some factory making the ipods for apple... so i DID come from apple... do you know if the photoipods are doing the same thing? if so i'd assume they would be able to tell it came directly from apple...


17-04-2005 18:54:45

I got a 60 gig, brought it to an apple store, got a giftcard for $478
easy as pie


18-04-2005 17:31:57

[quote425e31b0bb="bols24"]I got a 60 gig, brought it to an apple store, got a giftcard for $478
easy as pie[/quote425e31b0bb]

wow excelent... so i'm doing that... haha i've worked this out so well... the situation i'm in now is i have a very very lightly used 20gb ipod(its been in an iskin since day 1).... and i want the 30gb photo since i'm just amazed by the screen and the slightly different interface....

so i get the $487(8.25% sales tax here)... rebuy the 30gb for like $347(including tax and student discount) have $140 left over.. buy a 1gb ipod shuffle along w/ it.. pay the extra ten bucks(its only $140 w/ student discount)... sell the ipod shuffle for ~130ish on ebay(what they're easily going for now)... and then sell my ipod on either ebay or to my friend who's already said he'd pay me $220 for it...... so ya this is sweet... i'm comming out about 300 bucks ahead... and with a photoipod whith more space than i'll ever need.... i only have 14gb of music now....

ya its complicated.. but i'm happy... )


18-04-2005 17:45:32

good luck...let us know how it goes...


27-04-2005 15:08:17

just a little update for you all.. .goturl==http://=http:///url my ipod monday... called my local apple store...
me 'i got a60gb photo ipod as a gift, could you check if it came from your store"...lii give him the serial #li
"no its not from our store... hold on let me ask my manager something really quick..."
lihold for a few minli
"i just talked to my manager, ____, and she says as long as its not personalized and it hasn't had the wrapping removed, we'd be happy to give you a gift card for it" <--- thats a $487 giftcard ) )

so anyways he gave me his name, his managers name and i'm headed there after school tomorrow.. cool stuff, so keep in mind that (Especially if you are a student) this is a much better route than just picking up $400 cash on ebay... or atleats it is for me D


01-05-2005 17:42:21

got my certificate for $486 and easily sold it the same day for $435... beats the hell out of selling the photoipod for 390ish...