Approved on 4/13

Live forum:


13-04-2005 12:07:18

Hey guys. I just wanted to drop in and tell everyone that I sent in for approval on the 10th and I was approved today (13th). Just in case anyone else sent in for approval around the same time.

Hopefully I can go STV soon. )



13-04-2005 14:04:15

I was just approved as well. Although the shuffles were just STV, i'm not worried too much. It seems like Gratis has been getting orders out every 2 weeks or so. I'm heading home on Friday to pick up my Mac Mini, getting things set up should keep me busy for the time being.


13-04-2005 17:56:04

ya...u guys just missed it...but you guys will get there


13-04-2005 22:45:26

I was just approved (4/14)!