Where the hell is my TV!?!

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13-04-2005 07:16:34

Okay, so the tracking I'm getting for my 27" is from a company called NVC Logistics Group. My tracking also says that my TV should have been in their local office on the 8th of April.

I called yesterday and they tell me that "they have no idea where my TV is and they need me to call them back tomorrow between 9 and 5". So I wake up this morning to call, and get another VERY rude lady named Barbara. She interupts me while explaining my problem and asks for my zip code. I give it to her and she says "I understand my co-worker told you yesterday that we don't know where your order is, however it's showing it should have been in your local office last week". I ask her... "so you DON'T know where my 27" TV is?". Her answer, "That is correct sir". She says, very rudely, "I will contact my manager about this problem, and see if we can find your order". Then says "Thank you for calling" and hangs up before I get a chance to say another word.

Is there anything I can do about this? I mean my tracking page tells me they should have called around 24-48 hours of the 8th. That was LAST week and still no call. I call them and all I get is lazy women who don't know ANYTHING... very rude at that. evil

Is anyone still waiting for their TV?


13-04-2005 10:53:25

Mine is scheduled for delivery tommorw. The guy called me yesterday to setup a delivery time. Hope you figure out whats up with yours soon.

By the way, when I called NVC to check on tracking a few days back, a nice guy name brian handled my call. He answered during the evening hours so maybe try calling back tonight to see if you can speak with him.


13-04-2005 11:34:05

Yeah, mine was supposed to be delivered tomorrow, but no ones gonna be home. So instead i'll get it next Thursday.


14-04-2005 13:13:15

I got mine today. SOLID