Tiger Up-to-date Upgrade

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13-04-2005 06:03:00

As most people know, they are offering 9.95 tiger upgrades to anyone who purchases computer on or after yesterday (4/12).

Has anyone participated in this upgrade program for previous versions of OSX?

If so, what do they require?



13-04-2005 06:39:35

That's good to know... pretty reasonable, too for a major OS update.

This will be my first OS X Mac. I currently use an OS 9.1 system, alongside my XP Pro system.


13-04-2005 07:10:07

Kind of makes me happy that my approval is taking so long, it'll ship with Tiger P


13-04-2005 07:18:28

yay )


13-04-2005 07:37:17

i did it with my G5 when 10.3 cae out. They require your machines serial number, proof of purchase, and machine model. Theres an online form someplace to do it. Unfortunately my mini, which i got yesterday, didnt qualify.


13-04-2005 07:51:06

Wonder how we can get proof of purchase. Maybe Gratis would be so kind as to supply something that would allow for the reasonable updates.


13-04-2005 08:03:03

maybe someone should contact them?


they also have to be a qualified apple reseller... is gratis one? i doubt it...

i read it on apple's site


13-04-2005 12:25:16

Lucky me! I need to return the computer buy one with a SuperDrive, so I may be off the hook!


13-04-2005 12:46:36

Just thought I would also mention for those of us that were in the first batch of minis and are students that want to get Tiger cheap it is only $69 with student pricing.


13-04-2005 12:48:11

LOL, only $69. WHen you think about it, that's over 1/10th of the cost of the mini (although we don't pay for it). I'm also adding 1GB of RAM, a SuperDrive, and Airport Extreme/Bluetooth. Total of $300 in upgrades + $69 for the Tiger upgrade. Eh. I'll just return mine and get it with Tiger. $300 is enough.


13-04-2005 13:11:19

It is better than the normal $120 price or paying $300 for a Retail boxed copy of Windows XP.


13-04-2005 23:33:25

does anyone know when will they start shipping macs with tiger?



14-04-2005 03:51:25

My guess is ASAP, but it doesn't matter, because the next batch will get a $9.99 upgrade since they were purchased after 4/12.


14-04-2005 09:10:44

PodTopia, I'm intending to do something similar to you (take the Mac Mini to Apple Store and trade for upgrade), have you called to verify they'll allow the trade? If we trade for a different system right now, will it be considered a re-buy so we'd get the $10 upgrade to Tiger? Are the models with Airport & Bluetooth in stock and how much is the upgrade? I'm basically trying to not have to pay the $70 for the Tiger upgrade and instead reinvest that into my Mac Mini...


14-04-2005 13:20:08

Eh. It seems quite complicated, and my store doesn't have either upgrade in stock. I think it's $100 for Airport/Bluetooth and $100 for SuperDrive.


14-04-2005 13:27:41

"Complicated" - can you explain? If its $100 for either one of those models, but if it includes Tiger then the upgrade would only cost $30 (or $40) more than if we wanted to get Tiger, right? My closest Apple Store is an hour away, so I want to figure this out before venturing forward with it. Its difficult leaving this cute little unit in its box...


14-04-2005 13:49:01

They have to install it, they have none equipped with Superdrive or Wireless in stock. I'm not sure if they'll accept it as a return, because you'll be buying the EXACT same thing.


14-04-2005 13:54:51

I see... I was hoping maybe they'd have an upgraded model new-in-box or something they'd let me upgrade to. But I see they're just "options" that can be installed. Do you think they'd throw-in Tiger free if you did the upgrades? I just hate that we barely missed the free/next-to-free upgrade to Tiger and loath having to fork out an extra $70 for it.


14-04-2005 13:55:58

I don't know if they'd throw it in, but I sure hope so. I'm going sometime over the weekend, so I'll tell you what happens. A free Tiger upgrade would be nice. The only way you cna get your stuff pre-installed is through Apple.com, otherwise they have to do it on YOUR Mac Mini.