I broke down and gave in

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12-04-2005 21:08:37

I searched EEEEEEEEEVERYWHERE. No one had one. Then by chance i figured id swing by target.. and noticed a tiny Gamestop in the shopping center.. so i went in, and they had them!!!

Well, it didnt come with spiderman 2, but it came with eveything else. So im happy ) I went ahead and bought wipeout pure, used for 35 bucks. AMAZING!

This thing is soooooooooo sweet, and i cant wait to get mine from gratis so i can get my money back! haha

Now i just have to wait for my account to be approved at phreepsps so i can pick out 4 games and get my memory card and stuff P


13-04-2005 03:06:06

glad you love it.... ya the psp is a great handheld congrats on the purchase and hopefully we get rolling on STV for freepsp


14-04-2005 00:05:23

honestly, i just wonder why our orders aren't stv?


14-04-2005 00:26:07

they're keeping them for their dang selves...

Well, maybe that's what I'd do... ;)


14-04-2005 06:56:30

I think they figured since their shit ships out from california they could get away with just SAYING they pre-ordered a bunch when they really didnt.. then got screwed when the psps actually DID sell out super fast everywhere here.

Someone should write sony and ask when the next full on shipment comes out to meet demand.. lishrugli