requested approval April 1st, STILL waiting

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12-04-2005 15:46:36

I requested approval on my account on April 1st. Approval still pending as of 545 pm April 12th.

I wrote to customer service on April 9th and here's what was said

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Anyone else have this sort of delay?

When did you ask for approval and when was it given to you?


12-04-2005 15:49:23

take a peek over here....[=http//]here....



12-04-2005 16:19:23

I requested 4 approval the same day as well, and I'm STILL waiting. Hopefully, we'll both get approved the same day. D


12-04-2005 16:35:12

I've been waiting for weeks on >o


12-04-2005 17:04:17

dangit! I just requested on like the 10th..........


13-04-2005 08:26:21

yep, i requested approval on the 4th and are still waiting. this is going to be a long, long wait


13-04-2005 08:32:06

Are there any gratis sites that AREN'T so messed up?????

I am fairly new to this free stuff scene. I have been around only a month and haven't actually gotten anything yet. However, the Gratis sites I have finished have been freepsps, freegamingsystems, and freeipods. All of them have ridiculous wait times and ridiculous customer service responses. What are the people at gratis actually doing??? I realize they have alot of customers but if they were honestly trying to get stuff done around there everyday i doubt we would all be waiting this long. Instead it just seems to me like they sit around and every once in awhile come up with a new canned response like the OP got and send it out to everybody. I got that same message by the way on freegamingsystems and freepsps.

I can understand if it is a vendor problem like with the PSPs. Gratis doesnt have those yet so obviously they cant ship them out. But whats going on with the rest of the sites? Maybe gratis has become too big and poplular for their own good and now they cant handle the work load in a timely fashion.


13-04-2005 08:56:27

They need to hire more people hehehe but theyre there....


13-04-2005 09:42:10

it took me 9-10 business days to get approved and order my ipod, i just went STV on the 11th, they will get to worries

3/21..5th green requested approval
3/31..approved/ordered ipod


14-04-2005 07:09:00

nothing yet...


14-04-2005 07:14:56



14-04-2005 10:32:34

Do they update in batches? I requested approval on the 2nd, and I've been waiting with you guys as well.


14-04-2005 11:36:09

SUbmitted on the 6th still waiting


14-04-2005 13:08:34

My Boyfriend submitted on the 31st and still isn't approved. ( He's pretty envious because i already got mine. )


14-04-2005 13:13:07

ya my GF cant wait for her last ref to go green, she to is envious of me....But her ref should go green today since they did shoppers advantage....


14-04-2005 13:26:52

yeah i'm still waiting for approval. i sent my request on the 4th.


14-04-2005 16:58:23

still...NOTHING ughh.


18-04-2005 13:22:54


Seriously, this is ridiculous.


18-04-2005 13:35:06

What can I say? Your not alone...

I have a big rant but I'll save it for later. Good thing I've been saving money to buy an Ipod because I get feeling from Gratis that myself and many others here waiting for approval are all soon to be SOL.


18-04-2005 13:40:09

my GF submitted for approval on the 15th...i didnt know that people here have been waiting since the 1st....i guess she'll have to wait a while to get approved, hopefully not too long


18-04-2005 13:58:22

[quote02531d7f9f="jhennson"]my GF submitted for approval on the 15th...i didnt know that people here have been waiting since the 1st....i guess she'll have to wait a while to get approved, hopefully not too long[/quote02531d7f9f]

We will all receive approval/hold I bet on the same day. For the people that are just submitting you probably will be the ones with quick turnarounds.

I don't think that they will let this go on for much longer.

I would like to believe that this will be the week!


18-04-2005 14:15:38

yeah hopefully this week!! )


18-04-2005 14:38:06

This is unbelievable. I requested approval at the end of March for this and the psp and still have not been approved. HOWEVER, today I got my 10th for the mac mini, submitted for approval, and was approved within 10 minutes. I also was approved for my shuffle in a day. wierd


18-04-2005 17:00:22

My boyfriend just got approved today!!


18-04-2005 17:18:00

I got approved today as well!


18-04-2005 17:43:01 still not approved hehe i barely requested to be approved on the 15th so im not complaining yet....


18-04-2005 20:38:20

I just requested approval...

This thread depresses me. (