My account deleted?

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12-04-2005 14:03:20

So I started this site way back when it started, and then never did anythign with it again. Then, today I went to login, and it said that my password/login was incorrect. So, I went to have them send me the password via email, and it said that my email doesnt exist. So i went into my gmail account, and found the email to verify my email address. I clicked the link, and it said that the account/link was non-existance. So...what should I do? Re-signup?


12-04-2005 21:18:35

if you have an account on another GRATIS website, then try sending them a support ticket from one of those accounts asking if they could look into it and also ask them if you are allowed to create another account.

its worth a try.



12-04-2005 21:23:18

had that happen to me a few times, i just happened to have forgotten i changed emails recently


13-04-2005 22:42:18

Bummer. Yeah contact them through another site. You should totally get your account back especially if you had any referals.


13-04-2005 23:30:01

No, i didnt have any referrals, and I didnt complete an offer. But I just barely sent them an email, well see what happens.