4/12 STV!!!!

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12-04-2005 12:07:42

Check your status. FreeiPodShuffle just went STV.
So that means I should be getting mine probably tommorrow )


12-04-2005 12:20:43

I went STV today too!!! How long do you think from now it will take to get?


12-04-2005 12:34:43

ya mines sent to vendor also!!! good shit!! hopefully we all ship soon


12-04-2005 12:55:24

Me STV too! Yay! )

Who's their vendor for Shuffles? It would be nice if that little DHL reference number trick worked again...



12-04-2005 12:58:12

^^^ it will. Just wait a couple of days and it should work.

Seems like Shuffles and iPods are quicker to ship than Macs and PSPs.


12-04-2005 13:13:24

i wonder if they would ship out the returned shuffles that people got doubles of....


12-04-2005 13:14:03

whoo.. can't wait to get it..


12-04-2005 13:42:12

Me too, woot!

FreeiPodShuffle.com 4/8/2005 10200 PM Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product )


12-04-2005 14:18:11

heres what showed up just today -
Order # ____ FreeiPodShuffle.com 3/31/2005 42800 PM Sent to Vendor, Waiting on Product

why is it the 31st of march? why did they just update the screen today for mine? it has said processing for over a week now.


12-04-2005 17:24:24

me 5


12-04-2005 19:46:43

how long do shufles normally take to ship? should i expect one before May?


12-04-2005 20:16:23

lol before may..

most should receive it this week

if not, very early next week


12-04-2005 22:17:36

STV today as well, such a beautiful sight. Can somebody please link me to the DHL trick, I remember seeing it a while back. Heres to quick shipping...


13-04-2005 02:23:26

go to the dhl website and click on track by reference....put your gratis order # and your destination zip code...hope that helps, its prolly not gonna be there yet...so wait a few days like what chillywilly said.... )


13-04-2005 14:09:15

Thanks Jhen, I'll give it a go on Friday and see what happens.