Dell received:)

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12-04-2005 11:22:51

Latest batch (3/30 or 3/31 I believe)
Just received it today))


12-04-2005 11:46:59

Congrats, how long did yours take to go Processing to STV, after you clicked redeem?


22-04-2005 00:10:00

Nice work, I'm going with Dell myself. Glad they added a monitor. Too bad the CP has issues.


22-04-2005 09:55:27

I wish they would just give you some dell gift certificates so we could upgrade some things. It is only 20 bucks extra to get the 3.0 GHZ


22-04-2005 10:22:37

it may seem that way, but it's probably more like $100 or so extra if you were to get the 3.0. Gratis is getting deals by using the lower processor. Same reason why they probably went with the 17" CRT and dropped the RAM down 256mb. Right now to Dell, the 17" CRT are probably losing them money having to store them in their warehouse whereas they can sell 256MB DDR2 chips in the majority of the systems everone else in the world buys from them.

I'm getting the Cyberpower, but, if you want something powerful that works out of the box, or to sell on Ebay, the Sony VAIO seems like the best option now.


22-04-2005 18:33:01

Dell does not buy computer parts until the order is placed. We learned about their structure in my management class. If they are having such an overflow of monitors, then why are they offering free upgrades to the flat panel displays? It does not just seem that the 3.0 is 20 bucks extra. That is the price that dell charges for the upgrade. Sending you the monitor is a better value for us, because that adds 50 bucks to the order and the ram is only a 40-buck upgrade. I do not care for the monitor, because I have a 19 inch and if I am going to dual monitors, I want another 19 inch. Meanwhile, I want a board with pci-e and that is the only computer that offers that.


23-04-2005 16:30:13

you might want a refund for your management class. dell most certainly has a parts warehouse and overstock of less desirable supplies.


23-04-2005 22:17:11

Interesting on how every bit of your argument fell apart, but still you hold on. Ok then. If you theory was correct, then why would they offer free upgrades to their flat panel displays now? They certainly would want to offer some other deal if they were overstocked on CRT monitors. Why also would they stock up on old style monitors? They are harder to ship, less desirable, and have been on their way out for a while now. Almost all major retailers have lowered their stock of CRT monitors. Your argument still does not hold any water if you can assume reasonable thinking on the part of dell.

Oh yeah. Here is some proof of my statements
"allows us to much more quickly and efficiently manage order and flow and to control just-in-time delivery of inventory," Michael Dell

Thanks to the Internet, Dell soon will be measuring inventory in hours or even minutes, instead of days, "moving from just-in-time delivery to real-time delivery," he explains. "I do not think this vision is that far into the future." The company has reduced inventory from more than 30 days a few years ago to fewer than eight days today.


And this is an old article. I would do more research, but this should be enough. As of a little under 7 years ago they had a turn around time of 8 days. I could find the article my teacher was talking about, but he said they are down to less than a day. I got my money's worth, even though the class was easy.


24-04-2005 08:56:13

LOL... no need to continue on with this discussion... but, you have to admit, they have a bunch of 17" CRT monitors lying around. To sell systems to consumers, the Flat Panels (which are also cheap) yield them more profit. However, to sell systems to Gratis, the CRT with 256mb less of RAM yield more profit.


25-04-2005 20:12:05