uh oh

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12-04-2005 02:08:06

Well i fell into some trouble... I offered my friend ten dollars to do my link... and he then asked me if he showed up... i said no figuring he would pop up any second... then he made a second account.. and completed an offer on each one...

will my account be in trouble.. and is there anyway he can erase an account?


12-04-2005 08:13:37

You can probably send a customer service ticket explaining that he thought it didn't work & created a new account. Maybe that will help...


12-04-2005 08:15:06

I think you and he are both screwed... First you need to send in a CS ticket just in case. Then, you need to get new friends who aren't so stupid.



12-04-2005 11:11:16


i sent a message to gratis explaining what happend... i just hope i dont get fucked


12-04-2005 11:23:03

this is why I have never tried to get friends and family to sign up for me. I know they are all too stupid to know how to not mess this up. )



12-04-2005 11:33:40

haha same thing happend to me....My friend signed up but she only put the email address and password...Then she accinetally closed the browser....she called me so i checked my account...She was already there....so she asked me if she should create another account...I was like NOOOOO...i told her to try to LOG IN and it worked!! then she completed an offer and went green instantly!!! Hopefully everything goes through for her!! and me!!