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11-04-2005 20:16:22

Does anyone know what the deal is with the Napster offer? You just download it and you receive credit?


11-04-2005 20:39:49

Im wondering that too. I think im about to do it though so ill let you know


12-04-2005 00:00:04

yeah im curious also if the napster offer is says free trial and 1-2 days credit....sounds goood please update us on this abrock124


12-04-2005 11:07:06

yeah, this looks like a good offer to do, anyone out there do it and know what you have to do?


12-04-2005 13:11:26

I'll try it for you guys now.

This could be the second best offer ever(first being eBay) if it doesn't need a credit card.


12-04-2005 13:55:30

[quote25e5985370="freephotos"]I'll try it for you guys now.

This could be the second best offer ever(first being eBay) if it doesn't need a credit card.[/quote25e5985370]uhm yeah, except you do need a credit card


12-04-2005 14:04:23

[quote89265661cd="mnx12"][quote89265661cd="freephotos"]I'll try it for you guys now.

This could be the second best offer ever(first being eBay) if it doesn't need a credit card.[/quote89265661cd]uhm yeah, except you do need a credit card[/quote89265661cd]
I just tried it and you do need a credit card. And anyway did you read my post? You make it seem like I said I already tried it and it doesn't need a credit card.


12-04-2005 20:00:03

K, im not seeing it anymore...also - is it only on freeipods???


14-04-2005 18:14:01

looks like it is back, at least on freeipods... anyone out there try it, and get credit for it?


14-04-2005 21:51:51

I just signed up for the offer. I been waiting on one I could use better than blockbuster. I will see in a couple days if it gives me credit for it or not. Well it was actually for freephotoipods


14-04-2005 22:37:33

Yes! They have it for FreePSP's - So a question, if I sign up, get credit before the two week trial, and cancel, then my credit card wont be charged a penny, right? This is awesome!


15-04-2005 01:23:40

I don't know about that -\ . I like napster though I would have done blockbuster but didn't like them, and I am also currently signed up to netflix. So I will probably keep Napster for a month its only $10 -\ kinda cheap considering your helping gratis and the other companys advertising with gratis.


15-04-2005 01:26:20

everyone here wants to find out if they really get credit in 2-3 days


15-04-2005 10:16:13

I got my credit the day after.


15-04-2005 12:56:50

i heard a rumor that if you do napster...then that offer is not available for your refs....can anyone confirm or deny this


15-04-2005 13:37:52

it used to be like that way back in the day...when they had InFone....

how i miss that offer....


15-04-2005 13:51:18

[quote94ee848ec9="Blink182=Gone"]it used to be like that way back in the day...when they had InFone....

how i miss that offer....[/quote94ee848ec9]

thank you for reminiscing about the past....but what about napster


15-04-2005 17:47:21

tunaperez, did you have to do anything special to get your credit?
I gave them my info and installed the software and fired up the program, but I still didn't get credit and I signed up on Tuesday.
Any info would be much appreciated.


16-04-2005 07:32:33

Yeah, someone please confirm this stuff. What exactly do you have to do? Sign up and download a song, etc..?


16-04-2005 07:37:17

yes it disapears for your ref's but just dont do it until you have all of your referals


16-04-2005 07:46:07

Dude, do you have to download one song to get credit?


16-04-2005 07:48:25

It's funny that they have Napster on, since it's aservice that the iPod doesn't work with.


16-04-2005 08:26:18

not sure but my friend did it a while agao then it disapeared on mine and hasnt come back, and i check like every day... so if you want ur fers to do it dont do it till you have all your refs...


16-04-2005 11:30:51

I just signed up for it. Says you can use Paypal instead of a credit card, anyone else do this?


21-04-2005 17:21:34

any updates on people receiving credit for napster? and using paypal instead of a credit card. i'd like to do this offer. it sounds too good to be true, though.

seems that the rules were updated

"You must download, install (DO NOT RESTART AT THIS TIME), and open the Napster software in order to complete registration (including a valid credit card). Upon registration you will receive credit in 2-3 days."


21-04-2005 23:08:12

i guess some people got credit and some did not... (


22-04-2005 08:20:32

One of my referrals did it Sunday and no credit yet... I signed up yesterday and I'm still waiting.

I downloaded the program, opened it without restarting first, got the confirmation email, signed in...

is that all I need to do? I'm hoping they are just slow on crediting (for her, I'm still in the time range)


22-04-2005 13:19:35

[quoted7bdb4e462="EricTaylor89"]Please help me get my ipod[/quoted7bdb4e462]

i would edit your sig b4 a mod sees it and bants you


22-04-2005 21:22:57

EricTaylor89 has like posted her referal in like every topic of every forum isnt that a ban?


25-04-2005 17:22:31

i did this offer using my credit card and i got credit in 2 days


26-04-2005 12:18:43

is it confirmed that the napster option goes away for referals if you do it yourself?


28-04-2005 13:16:10

Its that way with any offer.. Blockbuster is gone 'cause I did it first. Oh well, I have no problem paying people the cash to do the few dollar offers.


28-04-2005 16:27:53

napsters the best offer i did. it can take a paypal address, wait 1-3 days and itll green and u cancel your billing agrement, its excelent.


02-05-2005 16:05:43

To parkers, taken from Gratis TOS
1. Common Reasons for Being Placed on Hold
(c) Negative feedback from one of our affiliates or offers being completed and immediately canceled.

Anyway, I signed up for Napster and got credit in 3 days. On the second day I had it I downloaded a bunch of songs and listened to a few of the radio stations. I wonder if program usage is related at all to getting credit. Any of you out there that didn't get credit, did you actually try using the program or did you just install it and forget about it?


02-05-2005 19:27:43

i got credit next day w/o using it. the damn thing wouldn't open properly after registration


02-05-2005 23:45:10

I had three people do this (one of them is a member here), on Friday, and it still hasn't gone through, which blows ass..

Ahh well.


05-05-2005 11:32:16

I did Napster and got credit within 3 days. However, one of my referrals did it a few days before me and still didn't get credit (it's been 2.5 weeks now).

I just had a different referral sign up with Napster and I'm not sure if he'll get credit. He downloaded it, opened the program and tried to finish registration. However, his computer was having probs and I believe he restarted before finishing entering all of his info. He did finish signing up, and got a confirmation email from Paypal.

Is this hopeless?

Frag Daddy

07-05-2005 12:15:10

It's been almost 4 days since my friend signed up under my referral link and did the napster offer. No credit given yet... its a shame too since i only need this last referral for my ipod and have no other friends willing to sign up...


09-05-2005 19:24:50

make sure there using iexplorer and accept the cookies, and make a new name with napster.i think you have to download a couple songs too. o and thanks for the info on the canceling... wish i knew about that 1...


21-05-2005 13:33:30

so the paypal payment option works?

GSXR 600

21-05-2005 17:24:50

I signed up wednesday and have yet to get credit.


21-05-2005 21:41:40

and I signed up Thursday - no credit yet...


21-05-2005 23:15:00

hmmm, i hope we're not screwed


23-05-2005 00:20:20

Napster has been horrible with crediting if you ask me. This is speaking from persoanal experience on multiple instances. It's a free offer, but what's the point if you don't get credit? I'm done with Napster.


24-05-2005 08:32:11

Has ANYONE that did this last week been credited?

Jake does Gratis acknowledge that Napster is a probelm (as so many have reported)?


24-05-2005 11:31:24

Napster is GREAT! I signed up for napster about 4 days ago, got credit the next day(i used paypal). I had my friend refer me, he also did napster, i got credit the next day! I dunno I may just have been lucky. Both sites napster was done in were gratis sites.