How do you monitor your referrals?

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11-04-2005 20:08:10

I've read all of these threads talking about yellow referrals and green referrals, etc. I just had a friend sign up tonight as my referral, and I cannot find him anywhere on my account. I guess my question is, how/where do you see what referrals you have and whether or not they are approved?

Thanks in advance for helping a newbie out. wink


11-04-2005 20:11:12

In the status page under Referral Status it will show your friends email address and a yellow light until his offer gets done and approved when it will turn to a green light. If you don't see his email address then he probably didn't sign up using your link or just didn't sign up at all.

Also, he does not have to even attempt an offer for you to see his email address. It will show it as soon as he has joined the site.


11-04-2005 20:12:02

Their email address should be in the "status" tab after you sing in. If they aren't there, you might have given them the wrong referral ID. The referral ID should be exactly the same as the link shown under "Refer Friends". Hope this helps. Good luck!!!


11-04-2005 20:14:08

Thanks for the reply.

He swears that he clicked on my link to sign up. Does it always update instantly, or would it possibly pop up tomorrow since it might have been too late at night?


11-04-2005 20:16:24

Should be instant or at least close to instant. It shouldn't take a day. Whatever you do, don't tell him to sign up under another email address using your referral. Thats just asking for trouble. You might just want to move on to the next friend.