I will pay you $10 Paypal if you help me! PLEASE!

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11-04-2005 19:40:53

I just need 1 more referral for my ipod. That's why I am giving $10 Paypal to the next person who signs up and completes an offer. Please email= me directed at email=scsn@writeme.comscsn@writeme.com me directed at email=scsn@writeme.comscsn@writeme.com/email if you would like more details. Thank you! D


11-04-2005 20:00:24

This belongs in the trading forum.....please delete and move it to the proper forum. Thanks!!!


11-04-2005 20:48:01

lol your going to need more then ten bucks - ha most users here have already done the freeipod one


11-04-2005 21:22:35

if you are offering 10 for your last referral because you are desperate i dont even wanna know what you would have offered for your first one. $2.95??? That is one sweet deal


11-04-2005 21:27:18

omg i need $10 now..........



12-04-2005 04:09:53

lol, i think you should try offering at least 25.00. I got away with it.

most people are at 30-35 now


16-04-2005 06:46:39

ya 10 is never going to fly


16-04-2005 08:35:17

I offered $40 and it got me replies very quick, so try that.