hydroderm offer

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11-04-2005 17:46:48

Did any1 do this one?

the risk free 30 day trial....for $10.95-$4.95 its instant credit

I still havent go credit...its been 1 day...not a big "whoop" yet

but when i was reading the terms..it says u gotta return the unused portion back to hydroderm and pay shipping urself..unless u dont ship it back and pay $39.95 a month........

did u all return it back and were not charged..and got instant credit?

let me know thanks

and i used a REAL CC......not a web cert.........


11-04-2005 19:15:02


I JUST NOW made another topic about this. Whats going on?!!!!!11


11-04-2005 20:12:55

You only need to send the item back if you do not cancel after the trial is over. If you cancel before the trial is over they will not send you the autoship supply.