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11-04-2005 15:03:06

ok, so ive been doing this offer for everybody thats referred me.
do you think gratis will think this is being a little fraudy since i AM using the same cc to do the offer over and over again.


11-04-2005 15:18:37

are you saying that you've been doing an offer more than once?

that isnt allowed.


11-04-2005 15:19:59

Your really not supposed to do it more than once. Some companies you can get away with it, others you cant. There are plenty other offers that are pretty close to as cheap as that one is... why dont you just do one of those?


11-04-2005 15:27:30

Yeah man,
once you get all your greens, they'll check your accounts and then put you on hold.


11-04-2005 15:53:40

yeh man you kinda cheated them


11-04-2005 16:49:10

i dont think ur going to get your shit man lol


11-04-2005 19:36:34

aw... fork. how about.. i only did it twice.
dear god i hope i get it...


13-04-2005 13:42:24

4/12/2005 30852 PM
customer service wrote
This should not be a problem.

4/11/2005 104351 PM wrote
I just now noticed that i did the same offer twice and realize that this could be held against me if or when i complete my referrals. I did for both my freeipodshuffle account and freepsps account. I'd like to tell you now to prevent any misunderstandings in the future and would ask if there is any alternative to fixing this problem(if it may be one) as soon as possible. thank you gratis hoan nguyen

well, looks like im good.