Wrote Gratis about the PSP

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11-04-2005 12:12:08

This is what i sent them...

[quote2764744d71]Hello, i have been in "processing" status since the 25th of march. Gratis advertised that they had pre-ordered a bunch of psps and would ship them out promptly. Offer Centric is shipping their SECOND shipments already and gratis has shipped nothing. I am patiently waiting for my PSP, and i am wondering if you could give me any kind of an update on this matter.[/quote2764744d71]

And this is what they replied

[quote2764744d71]Thanks for your email about your order. PSPs are currently on backorder because of their very high demand. But, the good news is many will be shipped out from our vendor in the near future. Please be patient and understand we are doing everything in our power to get your order out the door and into your hands. Thank you for your patience.[/quote2764744d71]


11-04-2005 12:23:13

lmao. in the near future? that oould be another 2 months. wow very unorganzied.


11-04-2005 12:29:43

It is still the same old canned response;)

And processigng since 3/25 and you're already losing patience?) Have you contacted BBB yet lol?)


11-04-2005 12:55:46

Nope ) Trying to be patient.. considering going out and buying one tonight though, if that counts as being impatient. ha.

Ill just sell the one i get from gratis


11-04-2005 14:21:56

hey, I've been waiting more than a month on my "shipped" x-box, until the other day when they changed it to "backordered"

what's even more hilarious is that during my long wait times they would tell me "its beeen shipped, it can take awhile to get there" and I was like "liars"

I have a feeling our wait for the PsP's is going to be bordering on eternal...


11-04-2005 15:23:57

Feb 23 processor over here (

I hope they ship soon, I have games, accessories and a big old mem card for it, I just need the system


11-04-2005 16:07:31

Where'd you get your big memory card?


11-04-2005 16:35:50



11-04-2005 16:39:09

I couldn't wait so I just went out and bought one. It's off the hook and the quality is SUPERB! I'll sell the one I get from Gratis on Ebay or something...


11-04-2005 16:45:05

I called around during lunch, NO ONE has any psps in so cal hahaha my GOD. No freaking WONDER.


11-04-2005 16:45:45

Dammit i wanted to go out and buy one. pshhhhhh


11-04-2005 17:48:05

Well I was at blockbuster in San Luis Obispo yesterday and they had a few in stock actually. And suprisingly enough they sell them for retail price $249. So there are a few places in So Cal that have them. lol lol


11-04-2005 17:53:23

yeah check toy r us....one of my friend that works there said they have a like a dozen more...