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11-04-2005 11:16:39

[quote907fb36fd1]Beware of Designer Handbag Knockoffs!

Posted on April 5, 2005

You may be coveting the latest designer handbag, and might consider getting a "knockoff" or fake bag from one of the many street vendors found in America's cities today. Why spend hundreds of dollars when you can get something for much less that looks (in some cases) remarkably similar? Bags sold at a fraction of the cost almost always contain the fraction of the quality. Purchasers can quickly find peeling glue, cracked faux-leather, broken hardware, and lining or stitching coming undone.

According to Business Week, counterfeit products are costing the industry not only great headaches, but significant costs. Its illegal to sell

(not to buy) knockoff bags, and handbag designers work hard on fighting this growing problem. Well, why settle for a cheap imitation when you can get the real thing for FREE? gives away totally free designer handbags, each coming with a certificate of authenticity from their manufacturer. If you haven't joined this Gratis Network site yet... go check it out here! If you are male, handbags can make a special gift for a girlfriend, teacher, or sister.. and don't forget about mom! [/quote907fb36fd1]

Sigh, is this site made to make us mad? They have issues with (and it's still "we're preordering a ton.."), and now they advertise freehandbags, when they're NOT sending bags / checks / gift-cards at all? WTF?


11-04-2005 11:44:37

If they're having such issues with vendors, why are they advertising this? lisighli I'm getting really frustrated with this whole process.

Yes, it's free. But at this point I think we have a right to be bitchy. At least when the iPods were backordered and clogged they SAID so! We're getting second hand answers. Also, why is it so hard to send out gift cards or checks for the people who ordered fendis? Why is CG the only one, who ordered a fendi (after I shipped, btw), to get somethig of equal value?

I just want answers, from gratis. evil


11-04-2005 11:52:54


Why didn't we turn back to "Sent to vendor" as the guys who ordered the LV (and coach or whatever), and we're still Shipped for 5 days short of 2 months?!?
And a $250 check for a $450+ bag is not exactly "of equal value" but still it's something)


11-04-2005 12:21:30

[quote7fdab28163="jadem"]why is it so hard to send out gift cards or checks for the people who ordered fendis? [/quote7fdab28163]

Who said it was [i7fdab28163]"hard"?[/i7fdab28163]



11-04-2005 14:03:10

Processing sucks.


11-04-2005 14:53:44

Who said it is processing?!?! It is "SHIPPED"!!!


11-04-2005 14:54:44

I'm still Processing ;)