$$$ instead of PSP

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10-04-2005 10:55:22

I wish Gratis offered $250 instead of a PSP like OfferCentric does...it's such a pain in the ass to wait this long! I'm sure EVERYONE would be much happier receivng a $250 PayPal or check instead of waiting weeks and weeks for our "pre-orders" to start shipping.

Has anyone contacted Gratis about this yet?


10-04-2005 11:05:24

do it!


10-04-2005 11:09:49

[quotee7441934ff="kaymin"]do it![/quotee7441934ff]

...do what?


10-04-2005 11:10:18

ask them!


10-04-2005 11:52:14



10-04-2005 11:53:35

They aren't going to offer $ like OC does.

They order the PSP's in large amounts (well they do for the iPods) and they get them for wholesale value. Instead of a mini costing them $250 or w/e it is, they can get it for say $200 or even less. Offering money could hurt them more than help.


10-04-2005 13:35:13

I just sent them this...but does anyone have a direct e-mail or phone number?

[quote68acaaec6b]Dear Gratis Network,
Many people are bothered by the fact that the PSP units will not be shipped out for weeks and that they were told they would get them very soon after the release date because Gratis was going to be "pre-ordering a ton, so if you sign up now, and get your 5 complete referrals, you'll likely avoid the shortages and get one before your friends."

However many customers were extremely dissapointed when they heard that they were misinformed and that they would be receiving their PSPs a lot later then their friends, about 3-5 weeks later that is. However, I am not here today to complain, I am here to speak on behalf of the hundreds of unsatisfied customers who are waiting eagerly to receive their PSPs. We have come up with request that we receive either a check or PayPal payment of equal value to the Sony PSP Value Pack instead of receiving the Sony PSP, and therefore we would still be receiving our promised gift because once we receive the payment we could go out to a local store and purchase our PSP instead of waiting the 3-5 (or longer) week wait. This was done on freehandbags.com, when the two specific bags were not going to be able to be shipped in a desirable amount of time. So I am requesting that this be done for the PSPs as well, because many customers are disgruntled at the fact that they must wait extended amounts of time when they were promised that it would be shipped at release time.

Thank you very much,
John lililililililili [/quote68acaaec6b]


10-04-2005 14:45:38

damn...thats deeep!! hopefully they write back with a good response


10-04-2005 14:52:57

wow, that's great. I hope they actually read it and respond.


10-04-2005 15:13:08

Pretty sure they won't respond. As Doh said, they're making TONS more money than OC because of their volume discount. Every time someone opts for PayPal on OC, it's MUCH more for OC to pay out.


10-04-2005 15:26:37

maybe if Gratis sent gift cards to some site they could still make as much money and satisfy us! I would LOOOOVE that actually!


10-04-2005 16:51:10

LOL think you can write one for freegamingsystems.com too, hehe


10-04-2005 17:45:49

No, but you can. 8)


10-04-2005 18:31:25

what people seem to be forgetting is that gratis would NOT break even on this deal. They have already paid for the PSPs, so how would paying out an ADDITIONAL $250 make any sense for them? They certainly aren't interested in having a bunch of PSPs around and they are not in the business of selling them so for for every person that they would pay $250 to it would essentially cost them a little less than $500 figuring in the wholesale price that they pay.


10-04-2005 18:33:34

well im guessing they could get a wholesale price on the gift cards and maybe ask for a refund of the money for the psps they bought since the supplier is taking so long. that would cost less then 250 dollars


10-04-2005 18:44:43

or they can give the PSP they "pre-ordered" to the next group of people that finished? duh?


10-04-2005 19:25:42

Good Email but a response is unlikely it seems. keep us updated


10-04-2005 19:51:22

Will keep you guys updated when/if they reply.


10-04-2005 20:12:04

Here's my prediction on their response

[quotef53e729e25]Your account has been approved. We will be shipping the PSPs in about 3 or 4 weeks. Thank you for your continuing patience in this matter. [/quotef53e729e25]

I'm still keeping my fingers crossed that they will actually ship in 3-4 weeks and not 3-4 months. But I guess as long as I get it, I'll be OK. I bought one to hold me over because I couldn't stand the wait --- especially when you don't know how long.