anyone waiting for approval?...I submitted on 4/2

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10-04-2005 09:28:36

i sent in for approval on april 2nd, with 8greens, all legit, however 3 of them were ppl i kno that did efax, and since they did the offers, the rules to get credit from efax have changed, so im wondering if gratis is gonna wait to see if those greens cancel their efax accounts early(they wont cancel up till 4/24, i have to remind them to cancel and thats the first one) i paranoid or is gratis just takin 4ever?


10-04-2005 14:58:28

i am as well and its taking foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr. ive been waiting 10 days now and still nothing. i am really starting to get impatient.


10-04-2005 15:34:25

I'm in the same boat. I've been waiting since 3/29 and nothing has changed yet. Are any other sites going really slow on their approval process? I just submitted for freeipodshuffle, and I'm curious if it's gonna take like 3 months or something.


10-04-2005 15:58:42

u guys might find this interesting http//

....then again, maybe not. lol


12-04-2005 11:25:44

Hey, just to update you guys, I finally got approved today, hopefully everyone else who's been waiting forever will catch the same luck.


12-04-2005 14:29:41

same here, sent for approval 3/28 got approved today.


14-04-2005 01:15:55

woohooo finally got that shiznatD...well processing at least