What do you use your shuffle for?

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09-04-2005 23:04:54

I don't have mine yet, i'm still on approval request. But when I do get it, I'll be doing more active things with it. Such as working out, running, and just walking around.

What about you?


09-04-2005 23:55:10

Gave it away!


09-04-2005 23:58:39

lol....im gonna do the same thing....give it to my GF for putting up with me doing these free sites lol


10-04-2005 00:09:59

im givin mine to my sis for her bday


10-04-2005 00:18:12

I plan on selling mine so that I can get some of the money back that I have put in to paying for refs on my other sites.



10-04-2005 07:15:10

I use it for working out, reading around the house, shutting out extra noise at the office. It's great.

My fiance grabbed a tape adapter for hers and put the lanyard around her rear view mirror in the car. She loves it.


10-04-2005 12:28:18

[quotef49e80fad0="jhennson"]lol....im gonna do the same thing....give it to my GF for putting up with me doing these free sites lol[/quotef49e80fad0]
That's exactly what I did. So I can use my PSP and Mac mini without any feedback


11-04-2005 07:27:08

I gave away my first shuffle to my wife, my second shuffle to a good friend of mine. I do that with most of the free stuff I got. I gave my free iPod away 'cause I already had one.


11-04-2005 09:24:23

The ipod shuffle is cool because it weights almost nothing. Unlike an ipod where you feel a brick in your pocket, the ipod shuffle feel like it's not even there.

Even if you drop it, it doesn't feel like anything would happen it since it'll probably just float down like a feather or something.


12-04-2005 12:09:33

prop up a leg on my computer desk


13-04-2005 22:45:11

Wow thats almost sickening. Ill probably sell mine when I get it I mean its really cool and light. But it really needs a screen.


16-04-2005 21:52:18

lol its great for bringing to work and gym =)

I'm just annoyed that it doesn't have a radio on it... Can't watch TV int he gym!


16-04-2005 23:36:17

When I get mine I probably will sell it on ebay. Because I already have an ipod, and I can get some extra cash this way.