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09-04-2005 20:00:10

Hi there,

I have 2 Questions

First I would like to know if My Daily Dose offer charges you the 39.99 $ US right after 14 days even if you didn't like their trial or if you cancel before the 14 days you only pay the 5.95 shipping and handling of the trial ? ( I don't want to pay about 50$ of my pocket right away to try this product.... if i like it i would consider stay with them)

Second Is efax is valid ? When i click on efax offer on the site in my account, it tells me by a azoogle ads pop up this offer is expired and you are forwarded to another offer..... Are theses other offers valid too?

I live in Canada if it can help you answer my questions

Thanks to all !


13-04-2005 14:59:49

Somebody has to know !

Please reply


Thanks !


13-04-2005 16:58:18

i dont think canada can do freeipods. . . but you might want to double check on that


13-04-2005 17:30:30



13-04-2005 22:26:26

People in Canada are now able to do Efax is a good offer and you now have to stay with it for past the 30 days. You get credit for it but you may end up losing that credit. Not sure. I recommend for now or the best offer of them all is videoprofesor. Do it.


15-04-2005 15:41:20

I contacted and efax is not valid anymore... So my question is resolved...

But do someone knows for My Daily Dose?

Thanks guys