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09-04-2005 19:09:44

After deciding that getting my free psp is going to take a while i decided to buy one, well actually i got my girl to buy it for me lol. I will just sell the other one or something. In any case I only have one thing to say about it



09-04-2005 19:37:07

you could save the receipt and return it


09-04-2005 19:44:07

Which games did you get with it?


09-04-2005 20:10:54

ha? ur special.. cuz i've had one since it came out.....


09-04-2005 23:35:23

yes im still special ;) I picked up wipeout pure. I rented mecury, that game is freaking wicked and addicting. Wipeout is pretty cool too.


09-04-2005 23:38:53

where are you renting? I wanna try out some stuff, btw have you tried the hack to surf the web on your psp using the browser built into wipeout?


10-04-2005 00:00:39

im gonna decide to wait until gratis ships.....looking into getting some accessories tho


10-04-2005 08:44:20

[quoteeb6031e1dd="jhennson"]im gonna decide to wait until gratis ships.....looking into getting some accessories tho[/quoteeb6031e1dd]

Not to go off topic...but...I just saw your posts on 3GU, lol. Like my dutch outfit? lol


10-04-2005 10:08:02

I rented it at Blockbuster, and if you did that deal for the freepsp, you get 2 free in store rentals a month so i used that. As far as the hack i found that stuff online yesterday but i didnt mess w/ it yet. I need a wireless router for that dont I? When I go to school this I am going to check out what I can do on the schools wireless network. Although I should be getting ready for my 4 test this week lol.


10-04-2005 11:04:36

lol i went a few days ago and my blockbuster didn't have any psp games, maybe they will by now, I need a new game to play on a 4 hour bus ride for a soccer match i have!


10-04-2005 18:16:23

the one by me had ALL 8-9 games out right now....check out that mercury game its wicked


10-04-2005 18:21:13

lol, it looks so wierd


10-04-2005 20:05:41

I signed up for one month of the Blockbuster Game-pass (where you can rent unlimited game, one-at-a-time). My local store has all of the games, but only 1 copy of most. Twisted Metal and THUG are about the only ones that are in and have multiple copies in stock.

I'll definitely be renting from Gamefly next month. I just hope their shipping times and availability are good for PSP.

For the web hack, I also have Wipeout --- game ROCKS! Online play via XLink Kai is a blast too. The web browser hack is easy to configure (and yes, you do need a wireless network). It's cool to have, but I don't see a whole lot of use for it.

Here's a link for setting it up if you haven't found it already http//www.pspcrazy.com/pspwipeoutbrowsertutorial.htm


10-04-2005 20:36:07

ohh theres a lot of use for it search around and you can find this little site that allows you to save your own list of links to go to and all these special psp friendly sites and any cellphone friendly sites work well too


10-04-2005 20:50:47

thanks for the info, i saw that site the other day, wicked shlit on there. anyone play metal gear acid yet?