Is Cyberpower's video card good enough?

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09-04-2005 14:17:20

Greetings all,

I am currently waiting for my cyberpower (STV)....I want to know if their video card is good enough to play (Half Life, Doom 3...etc) or do I need to buy additional one?
If I need to buy another one, any suggestions (budget ~$100-$130).



09-04-2005 19:06:06

it'll run it...but its not gonna be real smooth and you're gonna have to keep the detail, aliasing, etc to a minimum, if not the lowest setting. the mx4000 isnt very a radeon 9700 or higher! great cards and affordable now...


12-04-2005 07:17:59

lets say my 5900xt has a hard enough time running doom 3 on high graphics


15-04-2005 01:26:35

You'd probably want to get a new card $100+ considering that ones only worth $60 something...


15-04-2005 23:19:30

[quotefccd38a14f="weez"]You'd probably want to get a new card $100+ considering that ones only worth $60 something...[/quotefccd38a14f]

price means nothing, a good example would be the former 9500 series from ATI


16-04-2005 10:08:10

I got this PC yesterday... why do you need a better video card? so far it ran the game "punisher" perfectly... and im gonna test out CS (which it came with) soon


16-04-2005 15:39:59

I posted the question before I got the PC....I was going to buy a video card so that I can play the same day I get the PC )


16-04-2005 18:04:15

i see... well, once you get it youll find out that it definatly good enough

the pc is a tank


16-04-2005 18:38:18

read my post (



18-04-2005 04:17:30

This other guy had a problem with it not displaying, video card not being the right size?