4phree site ?

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08-04-2005 17:53:24

i found links to other ipod site refered here in this site called mp3players4free.com

this has netflix which i want
however is this site legit also


08-04-2005 18:24:24

I dont understand what you are asking

your title says phree which would indicate Cool4Free networks phreeipods.com

but now you are talking about mp3players4free which is from OfferCentric

No matter which one you are talking about, they are both legit. PM me if you want to use my link to sign up for phreeipods i can pay you


09-04-2005 13:32:05

As the above poster said, yes, mp3players4free is legit. I haven't heard of the other one, but it may be legit too.
If you'd like a referral link for mp3players4free, please PM me. ;)