Problem i think

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08-04-2005 07:11:25

ok i really wanna do this but my refferals say they will all the free bidding trial. (prolly cuz my friends are cheap) so anyway will this be not accepted


08-04-2005 08:45:51

I dont see why it would be a problem... may be a red flag to gratis that all your referalls completed the same offer but as long as they are different IPs and CCs it shouldnt be a problem for you )

Good luck!


08-04-2005 08:48:29

yeah they will all be from different ips


08-04-2005 09:03:06

Yea same offer doesnt matter.

I had 7 greens on freeflatscreens from lifederma and didnt experience any problems


08-04-2005 10:45:56

awesome thx for ur help