customer support..or not!

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07-04-2005 23:39:38

I got my iPod a few months ago, but stupid me forgot to cancel I have been trying to call them almost everyday for the past 3 weeks and they never ever pick up, I just get "all reps are busy, your call is important"..blah blah. Has anyone else had this problem?? I'm kinda tired of paying $15/month


08-04-2005 01:25:05

yeah im just waiting for my account to get approved....and then ill call to make my decision....

havent tried to call though


08-04-2005 08:12:20

You usually have to wait for some time to actually get someone at Stamps. If I remember right it was about 45 mins.


08-04-2005 08:32:04

i got my answer in like 20 minutes. not so bad, just put it on speakerphone.


08-04-2005 13:19:18

Yep, they're slow as hell, but they'll eventually get to you.


08-04-2005 13:42:58

lol thanks for the advices....


08-04-2005 14:35:56

20mins for me too.


08-04-2005 23:58:50

thanks all, i'll just make sure i don't use my cell phone for the call lol


09-04-2005 00:38:33

Dont expect speed, i was on the phone with 1+ hr on rhapsody, though i had a good experience with, maybe cuase its a local company, woot for 503 area code


09-04-2005 10:26:55

You just got lucky. No matter where you call from it's still that one poor bastard answering all the calls.


11-04-2005 16:25:18

Thanks to all that replied..I finally got a hold of someone and canceled.