new guy looking for suggestions gettin referrals

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07-04-2005 16:53:10

I have been at it for a while, but jeez it is harder than i would have guessed to get folks to go through the process. they look at you like your in a cult or something. anyway, any tips?


10-04-2005 20:29:36

I cant give away tips right now since this working out for me so well. But in the last 2 weeks i have gotten 5 greens and about 30 yellows on photo ipods all from people i dont even know. Its alot easier to just sit back and watch the greens appear than it is to try to trade or pay for them. After i have a little more success i will possibly give some people a chance to join me.


13-04-2005 17:47:59

well, my question is how are you getting the greens to just appear?

Thats what I would like to know. I have been here for about a week and have gotten 0 greens on any sites. Ive been offering to pay too. hmm.