Simon Gift Cards

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07-04-2005 16:06:47

Does anyone know if you are allowed to use a Simon Gift Card to pay for the offer. For those who do not know what a Simon Gift Card is, it is a sort of credit card except it has a preloaded amount of money on it. Please let me know if you are allowed to use these because I feel it is more secure than using a credit card.


07-04-2005 16:14:19

as long as it is based off of a Visa or Mastercard I don't know why it wouldn't...worth a try.


07-04-2005 16:16:53

Has anyone used one? I just know someone who used one but they made up some identities and overcharged...but I just want to make sure that the card wasn't also a problem.


07-04-2005 21:19:28

i was wondering this same thing a long time ago, anyone?


07-04-2005 21:42:28

i'm using a preloaded gift card from keybank for all my offers, but I didn't think u could use the simon cards anywhere except at the mall


09-04-2005 14:48:29

You Can.

It's the only card I trust with ANY of the sites.

Except Blockbuster, which I am waiting to do if I ever can get enough money to pay for it and enough time to use it.