Has anyone received their camera yet?

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07-04-2005 05:09:40

I'm currently working my way through this site, and I wanted to know how long people had to wait until they received their camera.

Reply with how long you waited from approval -> in your hands
and name whichever camera you received

-wood 8)


07-04-2005 11:21:00

i dont think anyone has gotten theirs yet


07-04-2005 12:20:00

Im waiting for them to credit my damn offer.


28-04-2005 18:43:14

[quote2ba624ff6b="Stroid"]i dont think anyone has gotten theirs yet[/quote2ba624ff6b]

I've been watching this thread for while. No one has got a free dig camera yet?!?!??!?!??? That's encouraging ?


28-04-2005 18:45:39

uummm look 1 thread down.


28-04-2005 19:00:04

I'm laughing at myself lol