Consumer Info Offer?

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06-04-2005 21:05:42

Anyone do this offer? is it really free or do you have to pay shipping or something?


06-04-2005 21:10:25

its free you just gotta do like 8 offers or something like that a.k.a. not worth it


06-04-2005 21:12:40

thanx....++karma for you


07-04-2005 01:37:27

yup and each page of offer gets harder and harder.....


07-04-2005 05:12:25

Yeah, from what I understand usually on the last page they need you to do something ridiculuous like sign up for satellite TV. People see the last offer, don't do it, and they reap all the profits.


07-04-2005 17:47:48

are you guys talking about the same thing? Consumer Info looks like a credit reporting offer on Gratis's site.


07-04-2005 18:11:15

... so it is! We were thinking of Incentive Reward Center, which is something completely differnt. Don't know anything about this Consumer Info offer.


07-04-2005 18:15:48

looks sweet, 30 day free trial and instant credit.


07-04-2005 18:20:33

Yeah it does. Too bad they only Gratis site I can do is freehandbags! Well and the shirt, but I'm not going to waste do an offer to advertise for them.