What offers?

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06-04-2005 20:09:58

What are the offers for this site, it is the only Gratis one I haven't attempted and I want to do the home improvement gift card offer.


06-04-2005 20:14:10

EDIT Oh, the offers! Same as the ones on your other Gratis sites pretty much, which means that afaik Complete Home isn't up anymore.


06-04-2005 20:16:01

Complete Home is up on FreeHandBags, thats why I ask.


06-04-2005 20:20:13

Oh hmm, well I don't see it on FreeGamingSystems -- they've got your credit card offers, Blockbuster, Video Prof, eFax, Columbia House, BMG, Zooba, CheapTrips, Trimlife, Freebidding, Appera, StarClub, LifeDerma, InkBlvd, and Hydroderm.


06-04-2005 20:21:37

Too bad, gratis needs to come up with some new offers.