While supplies last?

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06-04-2005 09:00:39

Maybe this isn't new but i just noticed on the main freeipod.com page it says

Get a Free iPod! (while supplies last)

Has that (while supplies last) part always been there? If not, do you think thats a bad sign that they are putting that up there?


06-04-2005 09:09:15

I just went to the freeipod site and did not see the (while supplies last)... where is that located?

And yeah, if that is new, it isn't a good sign.


06-04-2005 10:02:45

I dont recall that, i mean i can remotely recall something similar to that when they offered the HP+Ipod but not for the normal Apple Ipod


06-04-2005 10:46:07

Hey abrock124 i saw that too for a few days now....i thought gratis was just updating their ipod site...They've been trying a redesign lately and i guess they still havent decided which one they really want....


06-04-2005 13:44:00

if thats the case.... it seems like a VERY bad thing... making this all a hoax! maybe they will shut down the site? i dont see it either...


06-04-2005 17:12:17

Is it just me or does that pic of the lady holding her Freeipod with her son in the picture make the site look REALLY cheesey and retarded?


06-04-2005 21:03:00

Hmm, well i dont see it now either. I swear it was there this morning though around 1100 am. Lately they have been changing the look of their site around alot. And yeah the lady with her kid was retarded. I just dont like the sound of that

...while supplies last


07-04-2005 06:16:33

You have to log out. I see it too

[quote47037b669e]Get a Free iPod! (while supplies last)[/quote47037b669e]


07-04-2005 08:02:19

Man do people jump to conclusions fast.
I see no reason why there would be a shortage of ipods, especially when that's the site that sucks most people into the free stuff net.
Nope, I'm going to have my offer finished and get one.