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06-04-2005 08:46:23

Anyone haooen to know where to get a good deal on a 15" or 17" Apple Studio LCD with ADC ? Thanks in advance.


06-04-2005 12:08:12

They don't make new Apple Cinema Displays those sizes. THey only make 20", 23" and 30".


06-04-2005 12:24:40

He's talking about the Studio displays not the Cinema displays. Look on ebay Mx34u, I've seen people selling them brand new for pretty cheap...


07-04-2005 02:42:22

Though note if you plan to use one with a mini you'll need an adapter.


07-04-2005 07:48:27

[quote1831886f52="NeoWolf"]Though note if you plan to use one with a mini you'll need an adapter.[/quote1831886f52]

what adapter?


07-04-2005 11:09:56

ADC to DVI .

I already had on from an older setup.


07-04-2005 15:17:24

Doesn't the Mac Mini come with the ADC to DVI adaptor?


07-04-2005 15:39:17

Naw, it comes with a DVI to VGA adapter. Apple stopped using ADC a couple generations ago.


07-04-2005 17:33:05

would u lose quality with an adapter?

btw is there an "official" monitor for these new Minis?


07-04-2005 17:46:57

Technically you'll have the lower quality that's associated with an analog connection and no more (dvi ports support an analog signal, so this is just reshaping the connection.) On most modern monitors I can hardly tell the difference between analog and dvi except on a high, high res LCD.


07-04-2005 17:49:21

Oh and no "official" monitor really. The 20" and 23" Apple cinema displays are the ones Apple suggests but it'll work with just about any monitor. Apple's are gorgeous, but well, far, far, far from cheap!


09-04-2005 21:43:08

sorry to bring this thread back to life...

but apple monitors that are on the market now are powered THROUGH the DVI cable...

i have my new LCD monitor with DVI coming on tuesday (it isn't an apple monitor)... will it be powered through the DVI cable when it is connected to my mac mini?

i've never had an LCD before, i don't know what to expect )


10-04-2005 01:56:23

Are you SURE? I know the OLD Apple monitors with ADC were powered thanks to the cable. I didn't think the new ones were. Looking at the tech specs we see "DVI (Digital Visual Interface), FireWire 400, USB 2.0 and DC power (24.5 V)". DVI does NOT carry power so I find it rather unlikely that's the case, as well as with your monitor.


10-04-2005 09:26:27

ah yes... i did a little bit of research and you are right, ADC is a cable that carries digital signal, power, and USB all in one.

i enjoy the thought of that cable, shame they aren't used anymore.

instead of having 3 cables coming out of my new monitor (power, signal, and usb (it has a hub built in)) i could just have one.



10-04-2005 15:53:26

I haven't seen them in person but I think you still get that look at least. I think it's one thick cable that tapers off to the others. ;)