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05-04-2005 17:20:11

I was browsing around, and I remembered the trouble some vendors had with PSPs. It turns out OddTech4Free, a CooBro site, is having trouble with their PSPs that were ordered from I read elsewhere that preorders wouldn't be filled until early May. Could Gratis have the same vendor (through eFulfillment). eFulfillment could order through PCMall...


05-04-2005 17:26:28

I believe that they do order through PCMall (same company as eCost I think)


05-04-2005 18:01:23

if thats the case, they could tell us that?


05-04-2005 19:05:36

They probably don't want to tell us because then people wouldn't do the sites because of the wait times.


06-04-2005 11:04:02

so the 3-4 week wait could be another lie?


06-04-2005 11:07:59

of course it could. as i've always said, with Gratis, there is no reason to go about quoting ship times and arrival times until you've received a tracking number for your item. As we've discovered with our xboxes, even being listed as STV, even being listed as Shipped, does not mean anything regarding arrival times. Any date, even supplied by Gratis CS, should just be regarded as a vauge suggestion.

and anything NOT stated directly by Gratis or someone like CG should be disregarded immediately.


07-04-2005 18:08:40

If the PSPs are being ordered from, here's the story

I went to the website, did a search for PSP, and it came up. I clicked on the link and it says "Usually ships Call us." So, I called.

I spoke with one of their representatives (Eric), and he looked up the next shipment date (when they will receive them), and it is on April 20th.

For all those naysayers who don't believe me, and to give them a call, here's the direct link to the product page


800-555-6255, option 2


07-04-2005 18:49:13

heh...this is why im taking the cash from the OC psp site to just buy one from best buy )


07-04-2005 20:54:09

OC doesn't have any shipping problems from PSPs


07-04-2005 21:20:14

Im guessing that means no one has gotten theirs so far?


07-04-2005 21:20:33

knew i should have did the OC site first!


07-04-2005 21:41:15

[quote85c2192dd3="bols24"]knew i should have [b85c2192dd3]did[/b85c2192dd3] the OC site first![/quote85c2192dd3]

lol gotta love it