Newbie $ regarding multiple items

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05-04-2005 09:46:17

Sorry, I've tried to find the answer here before this was posted, so I apologize if I've missed the solution

Many people here and on Gratis Network's site have received multiple items.

I thought I read on their TOS that only one item per address is how does that work?

Please post links or hate mail here, I know I have enough traffic at my sites to get a few more items but don't know how to go about it, thanks!


05-04-2005 09:50:24

You can get one item per Gratis site (freedesktoppcs, freehandbags, freeipods, etc.). So you can do all of them if you have the time and patience, you just can't do one more than once.

Also some people get free stuff from other non-Gratis sites such as mp3players4free. So someone might get 2 iPods by doing that and freeipods.